Knowing how to fold a shirt is a sartorial skill every gentleman should be proficient in. Not only can a perfectly folded shirt free up extra space in your wardrobe, but it can make packing for your next vacation considerably easier. Here, we have created a simple step-by-step guide to ensure you always get it right.

How to Fold a Shirt Step 1

Whether you’re folding a formal shirt or something casual, fasten the top and third button, and then lay your shirt face-down on a flat surface whilst smoothing out any puckers or wrinkles.

How to Fold a Shirt Step 2

Starting with the right side of the shirt, fold about one-third of the body towards the middle. Your fold line should start at the centre of the shoulder and end at the tail.

How to fold a Shirt Step 3

Next, neatly fold the sleeve forward, creating an angled fold at the shoulder. If done correctly, the sleeve should now line up with the edge of the first body fold.

How to Fold a Shirt Step 4

Now, carry out the same process with the left side of your shirt.

How to fold a Shirt Step 5

Finally, take the bottom of the shirt and neatly fold it in half. The tail should be sitting just before the back of the shirt collar.

How to Fold a Shirt Top Tip

If you’d like to keep your shirts uniformly folded, you may want to create a rectangular template that will sit in between the left and right body folds. Once you have completed your fold, the template can then slide out from the top.

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